Effective Commercial Building Signs: A Guide to Boosting Your Business Visibility

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From helping you build trust with customers to boosting sales, brand recognition is vitally important to any business. Commercial building signs are one of the most effective signs for getting your business noticed and building brand recognition. In this blog, we’ll offer everything you need to know about custom building signs, including how they help your business create an impact in the community.

How Commercial Building Signs Boost Your Business’s Visibility

Making a Strong First Impression
Your sign is one of the first things people will see, which is why you need to make the right first impression. FedEx found around 76% of shoppers enter an establishment for the first time solely because they took a liking to its signs.
That’s why you need to choose a design that reflects your brand and business, as well as intrigues passersby. A well-designed sign will help you make the right first impression and create positive brand associations.

Become Part of the Community with Commercial Building Signs Near You
The International Sign Association says 85% of your customer base lives or works within five miles of your business. That means the right office business signs will make you an intrinsic part of your community. As people see your sign regularly, they will build top-of-mind awareness of your business, which is the holy grail of marketing.

Stand Out from Competition with Lighted Building Signs
A custom building sign will help to set your business apart from the crowd. Features such as illumination, creative designs, and custom graphics offer customers a memorable experience, which increases the likelihood that they will remember you in the future. Distinctive styles, such as blade signs and channel letters, are also eye-catching options that are underutilized.

Create a Professional Ambiance with Lighted Building Signs
People often associate the quality of a business’s sign with the quality of the products and services offered, surveys have found. This means if you want to make a quality, professional impression on customers, you need to invest in high-quality office building signs. Attractive, well-maintained signs present a professional image, which is why scheduling regular servicing is imperative too.

Commercial Building Signs Near You Supplement Broader Marketing Efforts
Marketing doesn’t happen in isolation; every sign you put up amplifies your brand message. Building signs help reinforce other marketing messages, allowing you to boost your marketing return on investment (ROI).

Maximize Advertising Potential Without Recurring Costs
Where TV spots and billboards have recurring fees every month, building signs offer a far more cost-effective option. In most cases, business owners pay a one-time cost to put up building signs, meaning fewer overhead costs to worry about. Once the outdoor business sign is installed, it promotes your business 24/7, which helps to capture customer attention even during off-hours.

Work with a Leading Partner for Commercial Building Signs in Denver
Mtn High Sign + Design is the go-to signage company for businesses across the city for some very simple reasons:
• We deliver stunning, premium signs on-time and within your budget
• Our informed, knowledgeable team has the expertise and talent you need
• Your end-to-end signage experience is top-notch and seamless

Book a free consultation to discuss your needs with a signage expert and discover how we make getting signs for your business completely hassle-free.

Before + After

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