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Elevator signage is an essential component of any building with an elevator, serving a variety of important functions. These signs help to guide and direct people to the correct elevator, provide information about the operation of the elevator, and promote safety. But did you know that elevators also make great visual real estate for branding and advertising? And if your elevator lobby looks outdated…we’ve got a way to freshen up the finish and look to bring the lobby appearance into the 21st century.

Wayfinding and Directional Signs for Elevator Use

Wayfinding and directional signs in larger buildings help to guide people to the correct elevator, ensuring that they can easily find and access the elevator. This is especially important in buildings with multiple elevators, where it is important to direct people to the correct one for their intended destination.

Elevator Graphics for Advertising and Branding

Elevator doors and wall are generally unused real estate that can be turned into effective branding and advertising surfaces. Think about the last elevator ride you took…you likely had to wait for the elevator cab to arrive, leaving you staring blankly at the elevator doors. Once inside, you avoided awkward conversation with your fellow riders by once again staring at the doors. Those doors and walls have a captive audience every time someone uses the elevator, so whether you use those surfaces to welcome riders with branded graphics or to share advertising messages, elevator graphics are an impactful medium for your messaging.

Freshen Up Your Elevator Lobby’s Appearance

Elevator lobbies in older buildings are often very dated in their appearance. The metal entrance frames around the elevator doors as well as the hard laminate or wood surfaces of an elevator lobby wall can be covered with architectural films such as 3M’s DI-NOC film series to completely transform and modernize the appearance. This approach is a fraction of the cost of replacing metal or wood panels.

Elevator Operation and Safety Signs

Elevator signage also provides important information about the operation of the elevator. This can include information about how to operate the elevator, such as which buttons to press, as well as any restrictions or limitations on its use.

In addition to providing wayfinding and operational information, elevator signage is also an important tool for promoting safety. These custom signs can include information about emergency procedures, such as what to do in the event of a power outage or other emergency. They can also include warnings about the dangers of misusing the elevator, such as trying to force the doors open or tampering with the controls.

Elevator signage is an essential component of any building with an elevator. It helps to guide and direct people to the correct elevator, creates opportunities for branding and advertising graphics, provides important information about its operation, and promotes safety.

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