Customized Engraved Metal Plaques for BusinessCustom Metal Signs – Make a Lasting Statement

The uses for custom metal plaques are endless and come in a variety of metals and finishes.

Fabricated to Withstand Time

Our custom metal plaque sign are made from a variety of materials and come with a lifetime guarantee.

We manufacture our outdoor metal plaques with your needs in mind. Choose from:

  • Cast or Precision Tooled Plaques with raised text, graphics, and a recessed background
  • Architectural etched plaques with recessed or raised graphics, line art, or photo halftone images
  • Attractive finishes like satin, polished, oxidized, or patina.
  • A variety of background textures such as classic leather, leatherette, pebble, stand, or stipple


  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Copper
  • Stainless Steel

Why Get a Personalized Metal Plaques?

Plaques are typically used to dedicate, commemorate, memorialize or educate and inform. If you are in the process of naming a park after someone or have a property designated as a historic place, a custom metal plaque personalised might be the perfect solution for you!

Best uses for metal engraved plaques include:

  • Donor Recognition – Local sports teams, school, synagogues and churches, nonprofits and local or state community parks
  • Governments – To direct, reveal local officials elected—both past and present or plaques that are stamped with government graphics, seals or logos
  • The Military – Great for all types of military buildings and recruiting offices to honor those who have served and share the significance of the area
  • Educational – Museums, arboretums, local and community parks, and other historical places to inform and educate visitors on area information
  • Clubs and Organizations – Fraternities and sororities, rotary and Lion’s clubs as well as VFW organizations to dedicate, memorialize and commemorate
  • Directional – Metal plaques are effective to use in both the interiors and exteriors of buildings for ADA compliant signage or to direct the public and consumers to offices or suites—and to commemorate building construction and date constructed
  • Building and Address Signage – Great for building markers and can include numbers, text or graphics. Great for customization purposes based on building design requirements or building owner regulations
  • Informational Markers – In state parks or for historical landmarks or buildings

Make a Strong First Impression with Visitors

Visitors will form an opinion about your business almost at first glance, which can affect their perception of your business. Make the right first impression and convey an upscale image with high-quality personalized plaques for your business.
Design and install premium metal signs at the entrance to elevate your visitors’ experiences with Mtn High Sign + Design. We are the go-to partner for personalized metal plaques in Denver, CO, for law firms, educational institutions, government agencies, and corporate and commercial offices.
Schedule a free consultation with a sign expert and start designing stunning plaques for your business.

Benefits of Custom Metal Signs in Denver

Durable, customizable, and eye-catching, custom metal engraved signs are some of the most impactful sign solutions you can invest in. Here’s why businesses like yours install metal logo signs:

  • Display the business’s address and contact information prominently
  • Enhance branding by incorporating the business name and logo
  • Enjoy hassle-free performance and low maintenance needs
  • Get exceptional return on investment with signs that last five years or more, depending on the conditions they experience
  • Personalize every aspect of the sign to suit unique needs

Not sure how to use these metal custom plaques at your Denver, CO business? Our team will be happy to assess your business and recommend where you can install these signs for maximum impact.

Your Ultimate Destination for Signs in Denver, CO

Custom Metal Plaques

Personalized plaques are typically installed at entrances to showcase important business details. Browse and personalize one of the largest selections of plaques in Denver, CO, when you work with us. We design, manufacture, deliver, and install high-quality plaques.

Customized Name Plates

Nameplates are installed on doors, in cubicles, and near desks to display the name and designation of the occupant. Whether you are looking to elevate the CEO’s office with a metal nameplate or label rooms with embossed nameplates, we offer dozens of options to choose from.

Engraved Plaques

Engraved plaques are popularly used for awards and office decor. Consider commemorating special occasions, rewarding high performers, or transforming your office space with this personalized sign solution. Choose from a wide range of frames, including metal and wooden frames, to display your unique designs.

Office Name Plates

Make occupants feel special and label rooms clearly with custom metal nameplates. Select your desired metal, such as brass, aluminum, or copper, to achieve the right look. Looking for a door sign with changeable nameplates? We have metal frames and mounting options too.

Engraved Brass Plaques

Present a smart, timeless image with brass signs to display your business name, license number, and other information. We use brass specially designed for signage, which is why it resists discoloration and wear and tear. Install signs indoors or outdoors without any worry of corrosion.

Whether you need a custom sign metal for a memorial, an address plaque for the office, or a durable sign for outdoor use, we are the team for you. Our designers take the time to listen to your needs, incorporate your branding, and make your signage experience seamless.

Why Work with Mtn High Sign + Design?

At Mtn High Sign + Design, we understand there is a wide variety of custom metal signs near me that come into play when owning and operating a business. Serving the business communities of the greater Denver Metro and Surrounding Areas, we are highly experienced in custom metal plaques and engraved signs + graphics, and we would love to help you with your signage needs. Call us today or click on the link to find a time that works best for you and let’s get started on your sign project. (720) 388-0201

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