Custom Wayfinding Signage for Hospitals in Denver, COCustom Wayfinding Signage – Helping Customers Find their Way

How can you keep your customers or clients happy? Make them feel valued and comfortable. Investing in effective wayfinding signs shows visitors that you care about their time and do not want them to waste it searching for directions. Can you think of a situation in your own experience where you felt confused about where to go when you arrived at a business, campus or park location? Outdoor wayfinding signage, also known as directional signs, are installed to ensure that everyone can find and get to their desired location. In general, wayfinding and directional signs point out restrooms, conference rooms, lobby, elevators, parking, exits and other places where visitors tend to need to go.

ADA Compliant Wayfinding Signs

When wayfinding signs are being used indoors to guide visitors towards a public facility, they must follow ADA guidelines. The term ADA stands for Americans with a Disability Act. As per the guidelines of ADA compliance, every sign should follow the guidelines mentioned in the act so that people with disabilities can also make use of the signs to reach their desired location.

At Mtn High Sign + Design, we completely understand the importance of ADA guidelines and make sure that our customers remain compliant with the law. We know the art of mixing ADA compliant signs with an attractive design to make sure each sign blends with the overall interior décor and helps visitors to reach their desired location without getting lost or confused.

ADA and Wayfinding Signs for Business in Denver, COADA Wayfinding Signs Are Crucial for Your Business

ADA wayfinding signs are often overlooked by most business owners, which is not a wise idea because both wayfinding, and especially ADA signs, are fundamental to complying with federal law.

office wayfinding signage both help customers navigate through your office, but ADA signs are specifically made to assist  people with disabilities.

It’s important to have these signs in your office so customers can navigate and those with disabilities can find what they need with ease and safely.

Different Types of Office Wayfinding Signage


  • Acrylic
  • Metals
  • Plastic
  • Vinyl graphics
  • Wood

Benefits of Custom Wayfinding Signs

Let’s take a look at the advantages of ADA and wayfinding signs for your business:

  • They help your customers find their way: If your business is in a big building or you have multiple locations, new customers can become frustrated if they cannot find where to go and how to get there.  Informative wayfinding signs can help your customers navigate easily and safely. (this feels super repetitive)
  • They help you comply with the law: Federal law states ADA signs must be present in all businesses. ADA interior wayfinding signage make it possible for people with disabilities to navigate the premises and find their way around your business and to do so safely.

Why Work with Mtn High Sign + Design?

At Mtn High Sign + Design, we understand there is a wide variety of signs that come into play when owning and operating a business. Serving the business communities of the greater Denver Metro and Surrounding Areas, we are highly experienced in Denver wayfinding signs + graphics, and we would love to help you with your signage needs. Call us today or click on the link to find a time that works best for you and let’s get started on your sign project. (720) 388-0201

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