Construction Site Signage – Get People Excited Before its Built!

Your construction site is more than a hole in the ground that is surrounded by a tall fence. It is more than a constant coming and going of skilled workers and architects. In fact, your construction site can be one of the most influential marketing tools you have– if you have the right signage.

Safety First!

Do not lose profits because of accidents and mistakes. Safety signs are a huge part of a busy construction site setup. It starts with traffic signs that regulate one-way traffic, stops and right-of-way situations. Keeping the large vehicles rolling without incident is crucial. Ensure that workers employed by subcontractors are on the same page as you when it comes to hard-hat zones, first aid stations and eye-washing areas. Caution banners highlight active work zones.

Share the Design and Vision so the Community Knows what’s Coming

An architect’s rendering of the finished project generates interest and excitement. The rendering and other project information (contractor, funding sources, etc.) can be fabricated as a rigid sign panel and attached to the construction fence. Whether you are building commercial, residential or mixed-use properties, get the buzz going about your project early on. Once the first models are complete, the leasing agents will have the opportunity to start showing the places and get them rented or sold.

Construction Sign Options

Building and Road Signs

When building a sub-division or a city block, you need building signs that highlight the names of the structures and temporary or permanent ground signs that assist with wayfinding in the sub-division. Address numbers are another important part of the package. Road signs govern the flow of traffic and also identify disabled parking spots. Construction and development site signs are typically square or rectangular panels, single or double sided, that are temporarily installed on site using wood posts.

Monument Signs and Building Idenfication Signs

A monument sign is something that is usually installed by a business, developer or property manager. When erecting a business complex, it may fall to you to put up the monument sign that identifies the name of the development or mall and possibly the tenants. Monument signs typically have a masonry base and metal sign cabinets with internal or external lighting. Building identification signs are often flat metal panels or even dimensional letters (plastic or metal and sometimes internally illuminated).


Did you know most people notice a new construction site once the banners on the fence go up? Our digital banners are by far the best. Vibrant, crisp and clear graphics mean the community you’re building in will find you quickly and get curious about what you’re constructing. We use heavy-duty, long-lasting vinyl including a mesh banner material that allows air to flowthrough the banner to avoid the wind blowing over the construction fence.


  • Metals
  • Plastics
  • Wood
  • Concrete
  • Foam

Custom Construction Signs from Mtn High Sign + Design?

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