Outdoor Lighted Channel Letter Signs in Denver

Light Up Your Business with LED Channel Letter Signs

When you want your exterior signage to stand out around the clock, Channel Letter signs are the perfect solution. During the daylight, these electrical signs feature bold colors that look great and draw the eye. After dark, the addition of internal illumination makes the colors pop, and the signs stand out against the darkened façade of your building. These lighted signs drive brand awareness and name recognition by combining the style elements of your typeface and your logo.

Custom channel letters are among the most popular choices for illuminated signs. These signs are entirely custom-made and offer different lighting styles for impact and visibility. Whether you are looking for a bold signage appearance or a more subtle look – channel letters are a great solution. These are durable and long-lasting commercial lighted signs that come in a rainbow of colors and suit any façade type.

Channel Letter Signs with Lighting Combinations

Are you looking for a unique sign to attract customers to your business? Using a combination of illumination styles and fabrication methods to create a memorable sign is a great way to attract customers. For example, we can integrate reverse lit channel letters with internally lit push-through letters on a fabricated metal cabinet to produce a stunning and impactful sign. Those are common sign industry phrases we use to describe some of the different lighting effects we can employ to create customized and unique LED channel letter signs Denver for your business. Another option could be combining what we call back-lit and front-lit channel letters to make the most of the light and shadow display features. The possibilities are truly endless, and we’re happy to explain how to use these options to create a commercial electric sign for your business that pops.

Signage Code Adherence

We want our customers to know that we are well versed in exterior sign code regulations, permitting, and working with local or county governments. Our experience in these areas makes your exterior sign installation run smoothly.

Store Front Channel Letters & Lit Shape Signs Fabrication Company Denver

At Mtn High Sign + Design, we understand there is a wide variety of signs that come into play when owning and operating a business. Serving the business communities of the greater Denver Metro and Surrounding Areas, we are highly experienced in custom channel letter signs Denver, and we would love to help you with your signage needs. Call us today or click on our Calendly link to find a time that works best for you and let’s get started on your sign project. (720) 388-0201

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