Custom Church Signs for Outdoor In Denver, COCustom Outdoor Church Sign Design & Fabrication

Are you incharge or growing your synagogue or church’s congregation? Provide your Church, Synagogue, Mosque, or any other religious institution with well-designed interior and exterior signs that match your community and help those looking be able to find you easily.

Vibrant and Visible Signage for your Community to See

Every synagogue, church, mosque and religious community center needs a main sign at their entrance that is visible and informative from a distance. The larger your outdoor synagogue, church or mosque signage the easier people can see it and find you. Not to worry, even when it’s grey out Mtn High Sign + Design will make sure your sign will shine bright in any and all weather.

Customized Outdoor Signs for Churchs + Synagogue In Denver, COEngage Your Community and Your Neighbors

Your new synagogue, church or mosque signs do more than just share your name and the type of worship facility you provide. Many community members drive by frequently and you have an opportunity to brand your organization. Mtn High Sign + Design can help you make the most of your sign and graphics and ensure they project the look and feel that you want to convey. Some communities will allow LED electronic message centers so that your exterior sign can also include customizable messaging for special events, programs, etc.

If the exterior sign and its message are engaging, it will attract the attention of community members looking for a new synagogue, church or mosque or people that are new to religion and are drawn in by your messaging.  Don’t forget to share your non-religious-based community outreach programs, such as hosting AA meetings, community meals, shelter, and more so everyone in the area can benefit from your organization and place in the community.

Advertising Upcoming Events

Aside from your weekly worship events and ongoing schedule you are sure to have a variety of events that you want both your congregation and your community to know about. Your exterior sign system can be a perfect tool for communicating this information, whether as a LED electronic message center or even as a simple letter board. This type of information could be anything from bake sales to a holiday bazaar, coat drive, toy drive, choir concert, play, and more. Don’t forget signage space for community related events that you rent your facilities out for. Maybe the local high school fundraising car wash, a black-tie event for a local non-profit, or a business meeting. No more paper signs!

Direct Your Guests

Make no mistake, synagogue, church or mosque signs aren’t just for megachurches, but if you have a large and sprawling campus—consider placing outdoor directional signs in traffic areas other than the main entrance so that visitors will know where to park and to establish the correct traffic flow. Interior wayfinding and directional signs can be placed in the lobby, hallways, walkways and at each room to indicate the location of different meeting rooms for services  and other events.

Indoor facility signage can of course include posting the schedule or itinerary, such as for a Bat/Bar Mitzvah or a Christening. Your exterior and interior signs won’t reduce the need for direct contact and engagement with visitors and regular attendees but can help streamline the traffic flow.

Offsite Advertising and Branding

Don’t just consider placing your new  LED signs on-site as you can rent small or large signage spaces to advertise your congregation. This could include placing signs on the nearest expressway, in your local city or neighborhood, or in strategic places in nearby cities.

Share Photos and Videos from Events

We have a few different signage options to choose from including scrolling signs and high-definition signs that you can use to post vibrant graphics and crystal-clear HD photos and videos. Photos and videos are an ideal way to share your congregation enjoying different events. Or maybe to share a quick slide show tour of your facility and grounds.

Working with Mtn High Sign + Design

Getting started is easy. Call us or set up a time using the link below to talk. Our designers can help you put together the perfect look if you don’t already have artwork or know what design you want. This ensures that the Church or Synagogue sign truly represent your community and the people you serve.

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