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Are you looking to increase your business’s visibility through signage? Is your business in a hard-to-reach or high-traffic area that requires more aggressive marketing strategies?

It’s time to consider the impact that pylon signs can have on your business! At Mtn High Sign + Design, we have created pylon signs for dealerships, gas stations, restaurants, hospitals, and more. Our team focuses on building brand-accurate signs for our clients, and we even offer hassle-free maintenance services.

Want to install a highly visible sign on or near your premises? Book a free consultation with us to discuss your needs, better understand space requirements, and more. We will provide an accurate quote for outdoor signs and walk you through the entire process.

What Are Pylon Signs for Business?

A pylon sign is a freestanding structure, standing anywhere from 20 to 80 feet tall; it can feature an illuminated or digitally customized sign face. Businesses use pylon signs to make a bold statement and attract attention from far away. These reasons are why they are very popular at specific establishments, such as shopping centers, gas stations, and restaurants.

Types of Pylon Pole Signs

Each pylon sign offers unique advantages that can cater to your business’s specific needs and goals; the process of finding the right sign option can feel overwhelming, but with the help of our sign specialists, we will find your ideal sign in no time.
To begin the search, browse a few popular options from our wide range of pylon sign solutions, including:

Outdoor Pylon Signage
Need to tower over your competitors or avoid obstructions such as trees? Want to be seen by fast-moving highway traffic? Outdoor pylons are tall, eye-catching, and appealing signs that allow you to advertise your business far and wide.
Digital Pylon Signs
Digital pylons consist of large digital sign boards mounted on tall supporting legs. You can display animated graphics, live fuel prices, rotating menus, or marketing videos on these signs. The digital feature of these signs allows you to change the displayed message or graphics instantaneously, at the click of a button.
Commercial Pylon Signs
Is your business in a commercial space that houses many other businesses too?
Commercial pylons are large signs that are installed at the entrance to a commercial complex and act as a directory. They display the names and branding of present businesses to guide customers to their desired destination.

Want to unlock a new source of revenue?
If you’re the property manager of a commercial space, these commercial signs are an excellent way to offer advertising options for your tenants and charge them rent for their sign.

Benefits of Pylon Poles in Denver, CO

Get your brand noticed. As they are noticeable from far away, pylon signs are one of the easiest ways to advertise your business to your target audiences in a visible way. Other benefits your business will gain access to when investing in this type of sign include:

  • Customization: Personalize everything from the supporting structure to the sign face with your branding.
  • Brand Recognition: Showcase your brand in a visible, easily understood way to build recognition, recall, and loyalty from onlookers and potential customers.
  • Durability: These signs are durable, long-lasting, and impactful, which means your investment will be worthwhile and offer high ROI.
  • Increase Revenue: The visibility of these signs acts as a guiding beacon for individuals who are looking for your business. Instead of having trouble finding your business, becoming frustrated, and going to a competitor, potential customers will find your business in no time. You can also use these signs as a new revenue source by offering high-quality advertising space to businesses around you.

Go-To Partner for Denver Pylon Signs

Mtn High Sign + Design is the leading partner for pylon signs near you in Denver, CO. Our team builds long-lasting signs that deliver value year after year. Customize every aspect of the sign – such as the color, font, graphic designs, and more – and we’ll help you bring your vision to life.

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