digital menu boardsDigital Menu Boards for your Restaurant

If you are operating an eatery in a mall or shopping center, you need one or more digital menu board signs. Restaurant owners know that this is a difficult and highly competitive environment. Assuming that the mall’s planners have ensured sufficient diversity between the restaurants, you have a bit of a leg up. Even so, you still need to woo hungry shoppers who want a quick bite to eat in between additional shopping. For everyone that works in the mall, the food court is the fastest way to quickly choose from a varied menu of delicious foods during the lunch hour.

Increase Foot Traffic with Digital Menu Board Signs

Assuming that you offer menu options that appeal to the lunch or dinner crowd, you can increase your foot traffic simply by installing menu boards that are welcoming and informative. This calls for easy-to-read fonts, colorful decals and a section devoted to daily specials. Shoppers like the idea of seeing occasional changes and trying something new. We recommend the installation of a set custom menu board that is flanked by two smaller menu boards, which allow for customization on a daily or weekly basis or whenever you need.

Digital Menu BoardsShow Off Your Tasty Morsels – Go High-Tech

When the stores in the mall setting are aiming for an upscale appearance, the high-tech menu board that relies on eye-catching materials continues in the same vein. Choosing the right kinds of materials makes a huge difference in branding your eatery in the right way.

Be Easily Seen – Go Full Size

If you are lucky enough to have snagged the end spot of the food court, use your exterior wall for full-sized menu boards. They allow you to display your food in minute detail with plenty of mouthwatering pictures. These displays draw in hungry shoppers who will eventually round the corner and order.

Light It Up with Illumination!

Malls are notorious for the wealth of sensory experiences that you have during even a brief stay. To stand out, your digital menu board should be illuminated from behind. It makes your food selections and prices stand out. It also helps to display your images much more effectively. Since anything lit draws the eye, refrain from placing illuminated signs decorations near this type of digital menu board.

Digital is trendy and appealing! Digital boards are already in high-end casinos and malls, and businesses can change the display remotely whenever they want. Digital menu boards let you update menu options seasonally, post corporate menu changes and display specials to entice your guests. Say goodbye to post it notes and paper covering up menu items that are sold out or the price has changed.

On the other hand, this level of high-tech gadgetry is not for everyone. When you revel in the notion of being a down-home family-owned type of eatery in the shopping center, you want to keep it as low-tech as possible. In addition, the high tech version does precious little for companies with a menu that rarely – if ever – changes, which has most likely endeared this eatery to its customers.

This is why your digital menu board can be your greatest ally and we can help you determine the best one for your concept.

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