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Window films + graphics are an integral part of any advertising campaign. They give your business office, storefront or retail windows a unique look that is recognizable to your customers. When coupled with other advertising strategies such as rigid signs, banners, wall wraps and/or illuminated signs, the result is a dramatic increase in brand recognition and consumer interest.

Window film Denver come in the form of static clings as well as vinyl adhesives. Static clings are great for temporary signage and promotions, while vinyl adhesive is a long-term product. Your sign can be printed with adhesive either on the back of the image or on the face. In addition, you have the option to design a sign to be applied to the outside of the window or the inside depending on your individual situation and preference.

Cut vinyl lettering is another option for glass windows and doors. Many businesses use cut lettering for store hours. Another useful application is a cut logo or company name. Our Denver window films come in varying degrees of transparency and a variety of colors. Whether you’re looking for a sign to cover an entire window or a custom-cut logo, our design team will be happy to assist you with your next window graphics project. Mtn High Sign + Design is happy to offer our window graphics to businesses of all kinds in Denver and the Surrounding Areas throughout Colorado.

Some of the best uses for our window graphics include:

  • Reveal your location hours of operation.
  • Seasonal graphics for New Years, Easter, 4th of July, Memorial Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza and more.
  • To showcase products or services in colorful imagery.
  • Announce how much you appreciate your community and customers.
  • To list your local community sponsorship of nonprofits.
  • A great place for a menu list of your products and services.
  • To place your corporate motto or slogan
  • Show your sales territory.
  • Announce sales and discount days.
  • To place QR Codes for smartphone scanners to join loyalty programs, receive coupons or discounts on your products or services.
  • Reveal state licenses if you’re in the contractor business.
  • Great for government offices to place local seals and information.
  • To delight your customers with just about any message.

All types of businesses can utilize window graphics. From professional buildings that want a sleek look to a toy store that relies on window graphics to entice children and parents to the retail boutique that wants to let the community know a super clearance is going on, you can’t beat window graphics. Let Mtn High Sign + Design show you how easy it is to advertise, market and brand your business using custom window graphics! Call us today!

We Print and Install All Types of Window Films and Tints in Denver, CO

Decorative Window Film

Transform your windows into stunning showpieces with personalized window films. We can print designs, artwork, a business’s name, and more onto films. Want to use your films to advertise instead? We can even print messages on your window film!

Privacy Window Film

Are your conference rooms and cubicles feeling impersonal? Are staff and customers feeling exposed? Enhance your business’s privacy with privacy glass film. Our films can be installed on windows, glass doors, glass walls, glass partitions, and more.

Frosted Window Film

Elevate your space with eye-catching frosted glass films that you can use indoors or outdoors. Window frosting adds a pleasing translucent effect to glass panels effortlessly. It can be installed in minutes and lasts for years without peeling. The effect is so convincing that most people never even realize it’s a frosted window film!

Office Window Tinting

Control sunlight entering your premises, reduce heat spots, and lower cooling costs with commercial window tinting Denver. Our tints help manage heat and light entering the premises, which makes it more comfortable for everyone. Need a specific color of tint? Our tints are available in a wide range of colors to suit your decor.

Benefits of Window Films

Refresh your space with customized window tints and frosted film for window. Here’s why our customers love them:

  • Reduce HVAC costs by eliminating sunspots
  • Decorate the space tastefully with no design limits
  • Use your windows, glass doors, walls, and mirrors creatively for decor
  • Brand your space tastefully with tints and films
  • Improve privacy for staff
  • Make conference rooms feel more private

How Long Do Film and Tints Last in Denver, CO?

When installed correctly, window graphics can last for years without peeling or warping. Proper installation prevents air bubbles from being trapped in the film, reducing the risk of peeling.

Note that frequently rubbing the film and temperature swings can cause the film to wear prematurely. If you notice any peeling starting to occur, contact us immediately.

How Much Do Window Films and Window Tints Cost?

The cost of films depends on several factors, including:

  • Complexity of design
  • Cost of materials
  • Size of application surface
  • Amount of time required to install them
  • Any special considerations

For instance, standard films cost around $8 per square foot, while premium films can cost as much as $20 per square foot. Also, these prices do not include the cost of printing customized designs or installation services.

Transform Your Office Tastefully

Window films and tints are an excellent way to instantly transform your business space. Whether you’re looking to become more upscale or subtly brand your business, you need the right signage partner to make it happen.

Mtn High Sign + Design is your go-to film and tinting partner in Denver, CO. We provide end-to-end experiences, including outdated film removal, design, printing, and installation. Book a consultation with a signage expert to discuss your needs today.

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