Tips for Designing Effective Commercial Signs: Stand Out from the Competition

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Looking to get signs for a new business or want to upgrade your signs? One of the first steps is determining what the design will be to accomplish your unique business goals. The International Sign Association found businesses can increase sales by up to 10% with the right signs, which makes choosing the design that much more significant.
In this blog, discover six tips to keep in mind when designing impactful, eye-catching commercial signage.

Become the Talk of the Town with These 6 Commercial Signage Design Tips

1. Keep the Message Short and Sweet
People have short attention spans, which means you have a few seconds to communicate your message. Fight the temptation to say more than you need to on your signs. The most effective commercial signs Denver are the ones that convey their message in the fewest words.
Try to keep the message to a maximum of seven or so words. Perfect grammar isn’t a main concern, as long as the sign conveys your message clearly and looks professional, it’s job is done.
2. Fonts Matter More Than You Think
Swoopy cursive fonts look great on a screen when you’re designing commercial signs for your business, but they can make your sign difficult to read. Use sans serif fonts that allow your sign to be read quickly. Also, try to use fonts that reflect your branding to ensure a cohesive experience for customers.
3. There’s Much More to Color Than Color
Reds create a sense of excitement, yellows convey cheer, and purples are associated with luxury. There’s a whole science behind colors and how they impact moods. Choose colors for commercial signage that set the right mood for your desired visitor experience.
Also, use brand-accurate colors; Pantone says colors can increase brand recognition by up to 87% and influence product purchases by up to 85%.
4. Use Quality Materials for Longevity
A custom commercial sign is effective if it delivers the value you expect. Determining the degree of value means choosing materials that match your business and deliver years of hassle-free performance.
Make sure you work with a reputable commercial sign company, like Mtn High Sign + Design, that only uses high-quality materials such as metal, acrylic, and wood for signs.
5. Pay Attention to Lighting
Lighting can make or break the visual impact your sign has. Illumination doesn’t just improve visibility; it also has a profound impact on overall visual appeal. Pay attention to lighting styles, colors, and more to make the most of your signage.
Also, ensure your commercial sign company uses LED lighting sign, as it can last up to 25 times longer and uses dramatically less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs.
6. Measure Your Space Before Finalizing the Design
Break out the tape measure and measure your space extensively. The goal is to design a sign that looks neither awkwardly large nor unnaturally small once it’s installed. Digital mock-ups are a great way to visualize your sign before you finalize it, so make sure to ask your sign company for them.

Your Go-To Partner for Custom Commercial Signs

The right commercial signs will help you increase foot traffic, grow sales, and make a favorable impression on customers. That’s why Mtn High Sign + Design is the Denver destination for signage. Our customers trust us to create attractive signs that help scale up their business.

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