How to Build Brand Identity with Acrylic Signs

Custom Acrylic Signs For Business In Denver

The office space is vital for your business’s culture and for creating memorable experiences for visitors. When it comes to making a lasting impression and fostering a professional business atmosphere, custom acrylic signs are powerful options. Find out how you can use these signs to build brand identity and decorate your space tastefully.

Before We Begin, What Are Acrylic Business Signs?

Acrylic signs comprise of clear sheets of a strong plastic called acrylic or plexiglass. They offer the versatility to print any design, create any shape, and even illuminate them. Acrylic signs create a premium glass-like appearance but without the high cost or fragility of glass. Some popular styles are:
• Business name signs
• Acrylic letters
• Gallery signs
• Door signs
• Tabletop signs
• Frosted signs
• Wayfinding signs
• Emergency signs

6 Ways to Boost Branding with Custom Acrylic Signs

1. Make a Strong First Impression with Acrylic Office Signs
Acrylic lobby signs are one of the first things people will see when they visit your office. Professional, attractive signs set the stage for positive interactions with customers, which helps to enhance and grow your business. This is proven by research that found people are more likely to visit a business and make purchases if its signs are visually appealing.
2. Custom Acrylic Signs Reflect Your Brand
Your brand showcases the unique personality of your business, and acrylic signs are a great way to highlight it. Acrylic lobby signs allow the room needed to personalize your signs to reflect your brand. You can include your brand’s colors, fonts, logo, and more.
3. Install Acrylic Business Signs Where They’ll Get Noticed
Having successful signage is not just about installing a sign; it’s also about where you place it in your office. Acrylic signs are available in a wide range of configurations, styles, and mounting options, which allows you to install them wherever they’ll be most impactful. You can even choose from a variety of lighting options to amplify their eye-catching qualities.
4. Combine Form and Function
Acrylic allows you to turn boring signs into attractive showpieces. For instance, an acrylic shop near you can customize wayfinding signs, directories, custom door signs, and more with your branding. That means you can subtly display your branding around the office while assisting employees, customers, and clients alike.
5. Durable, Long-Term Branding
Acrylic signs offer incredible resilience. They are weather-resistant, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. We also use high-quality sheets from suppliers like 3M and ULine, meaning your signs will be long-lasting and durable. Overall, your signs will look fresh for longer and deliver a greater return on investment.
6. Keep Your Signs Updated
As your business evolves, so should your signs. Updating acrylic signs is easy, given they don’t require specialized installations. They are also cost-effective, which allows businesses of all sizes to update their branding, promotions, and offerings without breaking the bank.

Start Branding Your Office with a Reputed Acrylic Shop Near You

Looking for high-quality acrylic office signs and a seamless signage experience? Mtn High Sign + Design is the partner for you. Our design team works closely with you to understand your needs and creates branded designs you can choose from. Book a consultation to discuss your needs.


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