The Impact of Channel Letter Signs on Business Visibility

Custom Store Front Channel Letter Sign for YOGA SIX

Channel letter signs in Denver are the top pick of the biggest businesses in the state. Consumer shopping destination Target, global technology provider Arrow Electronics, and numerous other businesses rely on personalized channel letters. There are two main reasons for this: Channel letters are incredibly customizable, and the signs present an upscale image for the business.

Given two-thirds of American customers associate the quality of signage with the quality of the business, custom channel letters are a worthwhile investment. Find out how channel letters can help maximize your visibility.

6 Ways Channel Lettering in Denver, CO, Gets Your Business Noticed

1. Maximize Visibility with Custom Channel Letters
The large, three-dimensional letters in a sign are eye-catching for passersby. Add illumination to the sign, and you can get your business noticed around-the-clock.
2. Express Your Creativity with Channel Lettering in Denver, CO
Channel letters offer a wide range of personalization options. You can customize the size, shape, style, font, colors, and all other features of the sign. That means you can design the sign to suit your branding and your surroundings. This MCA Connect sign is a great example of that. It captures the business’s branding and has become an integral part of the decor.
3. Grow Brand Recognition
Consistency in branding is the key to building top-of-mind awareness, says Forbes. Custom channel letters in Denver allow you to showcase your brand appealingly and tastefully decorate your space.
4. Build Trust with Customers
Given people spend no more than seven seconds forming an opinion about a business, you need all the help you can get. Attractive signs don’t just attract customers to your business, they help make the all-important first impression. Thoughtfully designed signs will convey your business’s attention to detail and establish it as a trustworthy partner.
5. Longevity Plays an Important Part
It doesn’t matter if you install the most attractive signs if they start to look weather-worn in a few months. Custom channel letters are made using durable materials such as aluminum, steel, and acrylic that resist wear and tear. That means your signs will look fresher for longer and require less maintenance. Their longevity makes them a more sustainable signage option, too, as it means less waste heading to the landfill.
6. Spotlight Your Business
Lighting is one of the key differentiators of channel letter signage. Different lighting colors create a distinct ambiance. Moreover, the various lighting configurations are at the heart of head-turning signs. LED lighting signs also allows you to advertise 24/7 without burning a hole in your energy budget.

Making the Most of Your Sign

Channel letter signs in Denver are some of the most impactful you can install, but you need to get the design right. Signs should be attractive, brand-accurate, and in line with customer expectations. That’s why businesses partner with Mtn High Sign + Design. You will work with an experienced team that brings years of experience in marketing and visual communication.

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