LED Lettering & Light Up Signage in Denver, CO

At attracting attention than non-illuminated signage. If you’re looking to enhance the number of customers you attract and to grow your brand awareness, consider choosing custom LED signs for your business. With Mtn High Sign + Design as your signage partner, you will gain access to a large variety of LED signs in Denver, CO, as well as endless support and advice. We will begin by sitting down with you and learning more about how to design custom signs that deliver business value for your specific objectives. Book a free consultation to discuss custom light-up signs for your business today!

Designing Custom Outdoor LED Signs for Your Business

Whether you need a professional sign for your firm or a dazzling sign for a storefront, we are the team for you. Our approachable professionals bring years of signage and visual communication experience, which allows us to understand your needs and create stunning personalized light-up signs.

Browse from the following options to help narrow the search for your perfect sign solution:

  • LED Logo Signs:- Showcase your logo to amplify your branding with these custom light signs. Our design team will create several design options for you to choose from and personalize to suit your existing surroundings and decor.
  • Channel Letters:- Stand out in a busy shopping area with eye-catching channel letters. These three-dimensional letters project outwards from the building, providing excellent visibility, day and night. As one of the most visually impactful signs you can invest in for your storefront or office building, they offer endless value and generate countless impressions. You can also customize them with various fonts, colors, lighting options, and materials.
  • Lightbox Signs:- Also known as cabinet signs, lightbox signs offer excellent value. With a classic design, these signs allow your business to display its branding effectively and affordably. These versatile, backlit signs are also perfect for attracting attention in any setting.
  • LED Neon Signs:- Enjoy the stunning neon look with none of the drawbacks of neon with LED neon signs. These signs combine the classic look of neon with the modern efficiency of LEDs. With bright, eye-catching colors and unique designs, this signage is perfect for bars, restaurants, and retail stores.
  • Lighted Blade Signs:- Capture the attention of passersby with dynamic lighted blade signs. Mounted perpendicular to a building, these signs are visible from a distance to pedestrians and vehicles. With twin sign faces, they also offer enhanced readability and displays for your branding.
  • LED Metal Signs:- Create a sophisticated look with high-quality metal signs. We create signs in a range of styles, materials, lighting configurations, and more. Add front, back, halo, or spotlighting to make your sign stand out.

Deck Out Your Business with Sustainable Signage

Are you tired of high energy bills and frequent bulb changes? LED lighting, or light-emitting diodes, has revolutionized light-up signs. LEDs are eight times more energy-efficient than traditional bulbs, meaning lower operating costs for your business. LEDs also last up to 30 times longer than conventional lighting options, meaning your personalized LED sign will require less maintenance.

Elevate Experiences with Custom LED Signs in Denver, CO

Mtn High Sign + Design offers unmatched experience designing and installing LED sign boards. Our team provides end-to-end experience, from design and production to installation and signage permits. Book a free consultation with one of our experts to discuss LED signs near you in Denver, CO.

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